A courageous friend of mine

July 12th, 2011 by Ruwan Egoda Gamage

It was my first day in the University of Moratuwa. I remember, how much excited I was to make new friends. During the orientation I started a conversation with the gentlemen who was sitting next to me. As I remember, it was my first attempt to talk to a batch-mate I`ve never met before.

I couldn’t recall, how I started the conversation exactly. Most probably, I might have asked his home town. The conversation proceeded few more seconds.

I asked, “So, did you do any sports in your school?”

He smiled. And gently replied, “I couldn’t! I’m crippled”.

I felt really bad. I shouldn’t have asked that question. Unfortunately , I hadn’t noticed his condition. I certainly hoped that his thoughts were the same and most importantly I didn’t hurt his feelings.

Over the years I came to know about him a bit more. He was determined, courageous and most importantly very friendly. In the final exam, he ranked top in his field. After graduation, he joined a grad school in National University of Singapore with a scholarship.

A few days ago, he earned his PhD from National University of Singapore.

Dr. Jayathilake, CONGRATULATIONS machan. I wish you all the very best from the bottom of my heart. I’m honored to know you personally.


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