TTFace – The Bus Time Table Display System for Southern Province of Sri Lanka

July 19th, 2011 by Ruwan Egoda Gamage

Have you been to a bus stand in Southern Province of Sri Lanka recently? Specially the new bus-stand in Galle? If you did, you might have noticed the new Bus Time Table Display System (TTFace).

I’m thankful to Southern Provincial Road Passenger and Transport Authority (SPRPTA), for the opportunity provided me to develop the above system.

We have come a long way since the first version I gave them for free in 2005. Now the system is in it’s version 3.

A sense of accomplishment : How people are using the system.

System Features

  • Displays information in 6 rows corresponding to 6 routes at a given time.
  • Each row displays multiple routes by rotating them over time.
  • In each row, Destination, Via and Route No information is displayed.
  • In each row, next two buses and their departure times are displayed of the route.
  • For each route, hop information is rotated. For each hop; destination, distance, and fare are displayed.
  • In each route, the bottom row displays the entire schedule of the day.
  • Displays a text marquee at the bottom. TTFace uses that to display important messages and text advertisements.
  • Displays video advertisements.
  • Supports, Sinhala, Tamil and English Languages.
  • Single computer supports multiple screens.
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16 Responses to “TTFace – The Bus Time Table Display System for Southern Province of Sri Lanka”

  1. Prageeth says:

    Hey Bro,
    Excellent work …. hope you could develop this further

  2. Lahiru says:

    This is great! Is that an LCD? Superb Work!

  3. Nimal says:

    What’s the error message that appear on the bottom blue bar?

    It’s sucks! when programming’s doing this error over and over again. Probably one of the worst habit. :D

  4. Thilanka says:

    This is really cool. You should talk to NTC. Put this in the pettah terminal. If u want i’ll introduce you. ;)

  5. Ajith says:

    Lokka – I am proud of you. This is great and excellent work :)

  6. Ruwan says:

    @Thilanka. Thank you.

  7. Priyantha Brito says:

    Proud of you buddy…all the best !!

  8. Anton says:

    Great work Ruwan !

  9. Nuwan says:

    Pretty Awesome Japi ayia :) It must be a great feeling to contribute for the development. Cheers !! hope ur doing great over there.

  10. Keheliya says:

    This is great bro! I wish local authorities could make it available island-wide with your help.

  11. lankern says:

    Great work!

    I really liked the idea and thought “we are finally there”. But the great feeling only lasted till they went out of use soon. This is Sri Lanka after all.

  12. Ch says:

    Great work, Does the system has real time updates through GPS. Or are you planing on that.

  13. A Passenger says:

    Time Table is displaying. But Buses are not running on time. :(

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