13 Responses to “Sigiriya Panorama Part VIII”

  1. Judy Stewart says:

    It is very enjoyable to watch well done

  2. Ransi says:

    I am so impressed! I’ve visited Sigiriya many times but cannot remember anything in this detail. Brilliant work! Keep up the good work mate!

  3. Dudley D W Jayasekera says:

    Excellent piece of good work – well timed. We have been hitting headline in news for far too long for wrong reasons and now the air is clear and the gradual process of depicting true image of the country has started to rolling-on. Thank you for the opportunity afforded to me to share.

  4. Hoppy says:

    Just viewed this phenomenal presentation. You have accomplished in this ‘single’ pc. what the Ceylon Tourist board has failed to accomplish in over half a century of recycled material. Hopefully you have made it impossible for free loaders to copy

  5. keerthisree says:

    Excellent, innovative & I look forward to your future productions
    May you go from strength to strength

  6. Bernard says:

    Excellent piece of work. I too visited several times but this impressed me lot.

  7. S.Hettiarachchi says:

    This is indeed a genius production. Thank you. It takes any one who hasn’t been there on line better than he sees by visiting the place.Thank you Janapriya once again.Sumana Hettiarachchi

  8. Sampath says:

    It’s very greatful job

  9. Thank you for shareing your marvelous piece of work with us. It is breath taking. we are all very proud of you as Sri lankans. Keep up the good work and let us enjoy more of your innovative work in the near future.
    Our hats off to you. and thank you.
    Chris dissanayake.

  10. Nihal says:

    Great job. Well done.
    If you can add some background music (about sigiriya) it would be fantastic.

  11. Adrian Goonesekera says:

    Great job done by a great Son of Sri Lanka. Keep up the Good Work there will be much more for you to cover Sri Lanka is a Land of Paradise and the World knows about it but with great work like this it will bring in more and more tourists to Sunny Sri Lanka and you should be talking seriously with the Minister of Tourism on how to Market thsi Beautiful Island to the Rest of the World. Great Job again keep on bringing in more and more Creativity like this for all to see. Congratulations!

  12. Mala says:

    Amazing pictures. I am homesick to visit Sigiriya.

  13. Pramuditha says:

    Great work

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