“Smart Zoom” is a real-time human presence detection and tracking system using three cameras, frame grabber and zoom lens controller. “Smart Zoom” is a part of “Smart Room” project in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, National University of Singapore and supervised by Prof. Chandratilak de Silva, Liyanage.
C++, Visual C++, DirectX, OpenCV Library, Intel IPL Library

SmartCamBCR is a low-cost barcode reader used a low-resolution camera as the input device. SmartCamBCR earned 4 awards and 2 publications, including a merit award from Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2003, Thailand. Project supervisors are Dr. Chathura de Silva and Dr. Nalin Wickramarachchi.
C++, Visual C++, DirectX, OpenCV Library

In this project, a camera is mounted to a cutter, which follows a path drawn on the fabric bed. Special algorithms take care of camera wobbling due to hardware limitations.

C++, Visual C++, OpenCV Library

Designed and developed a content based audio recognition system. System listens to radio stations and recognize songs and record the time of play.
C++, PostgreSQL, Linux Platform, mpeg Libraries, fft Libraries

In laser marking, it is important to minimize the “jump” (also called as a “move”) to lower the total cycle time. The Path Optimizer optimizes the “jumps”, while determining the order/direction of the lines to be lased. It addresses the closest pair problem using plainer subdivision algorithms.
C++, C#, OpenCV Library

Implemented a system to pack 2D shapes in a circular work piece to optimize material usage in laser marking. Employed a computationally inexpensive algorithm for packing shapes.
C++, Visual C#

Distortion Correction is an application capable of automatic initial calibration and subsequent correction of a distorted video feed in Laser Marking Systems.

C++, Visual C#

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